Akberfoundation Strongly Condemn (Peshawar Attack)

Due to horrific terrorist attack in Army School of Peshawar, Pakistan has plunged into deep mourning. The counry of Pakistan has never witnessed such a callous orchestration of attack like this before. Attackā€™s primary target was defenceless children in a school.

Pakistan government has announced a three-day mourning but the deadly siege at Army Public School that led to 141 deaths (out of which 132 were of children) and countless injuries almost immediately led to outpourings of condemnations and grief from across the country and internationally.

Also different regions of Pakistan witnessed people gathering for condemnation, mourning and candlelight vigils on Tuesday night to show solidarity with the children and all others affected in the attack that lasted several hours.

Akber foundation staff and Akber Academy students along with teachers in district Mirpurkhas perform the activists light candles and take a part in a prayer for victims of the Taliban attack on Army Public School in Peshawar.